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Goalbook Website Design

The original website provided too much telling and not enough showing. To remedy this, I completed a full redesign of the company homepage to illustrate the following points:

1. Goalbook is focused on Instructional Practice


Goalbook’s website is our digital identity. It explains who we are, what we do, and it has to be focused in ways that are memorable. I chose to implement a dotted line motif that leads the reader on a journey, just as a student is brought from a place of not understanding a concept to fully comprehending the information in a classroom.


Instead of the standard block of text explaining how we are focused on instructional practice, an infographic is used instead at the top of the homepage. It illustrates the instructional development timeline following our services being implemented in a way that is simple and memorable. The blue gradients used here allow the graphics to flow outside of the flat two-dimensional plane.

2. Goalbook’s services are effective

In the success story leave-behind, also seen here, I chose to illustrate the location of each success story graphically.

Goalbook’s services have helped many educators across the country from Texas to Massachusetts. Showcasing that versatility and scope of influence can help drive home our effectiveness at what we do.


Including the faces of people whom we have helped reinforces Goalbook’s central themes. We cherish authenticity and care about the people our products serve.


3. Goalbook is a researched-based company

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 10.39.39 AM.png

The real customer stories Goalbook shares do more than illustrate our efficiency. They show that we are listening to

the people who have been influenced by what we do. In an effort to illustrate this further, I created a section to display recent news. Our audience can now digest this evolving content easily without having to navigate further into the website.


As an administrator visiting Goalbook’s website, this flow of visual storytelling shortens the path between interest from a cold lead to a warm lead. Visitors can learn about who we are and proceed to dive into a number of success stories and spotlight series posts within two clicks.


The visual treatment for this second quote differs from the video prior. While all quotes should be treated consistently, I felt it would prove useful to have some stylistic variety in this layout. All quotes so far have been shown in a word bubble, and this floating quote adds variety to how such content can be designed.


The entire journey of this new layout is as follows:

  • Website Header/Opening graphic showing Goalbook’s product journey

  • Goalbook Toolkit and Goalbook Pathways CTA’s

  • Success story video with quote

  • Success story downloadable PDF

  • Goalbook In The News

Additional Notes

These designs were part of a proposal process and are not a reflection of what Goalbook is as an organization today. 

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