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Time Magazine Ad

While working at Precision Medicine Group, I was part of a team that formulated a campaign for Iluvien. This was a therapy for a rare disease found only in children. 


Objective: Create a marketing campaign that spoke honestly about a rare disease. 

Balancing the tone of hopefulness and honesty about a rare disease that only occurs in children can be a real challenge. The team I worked with included some of the best copywriters and creative directors in the industry and together we found a powerful solution. 

Show the audience that there is hope. Touch their emotions in a way only childhood memories can. 

The disease takes away a child's ability to see and feel some sensations. So, our campaign focused on a child experiencing fireflies at twilight. The firefly became a centerpiece for the client and resulted on measurable results for the client that we worked with

"Iluvien: Who Knows What You'll See?"

Additional Notes

Completed while at Precision Medicine Group

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